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General Chat / BANNED!
« on: December 26, 2012, 11:58:04 pm »
A lot of people who used to frequent our website have been banned for hacking attempt - Pinkie, Infantry, Adi, Snow are just a few of those people. I understand that the gaming aspect of this clan died long ago, but the website was still being used regularly until recently, and I believe that is mostly due to so many users being banned.

Since the website is still up and running, and someone is obviously paying for it, I thought I would bring this issue to your attention. Is anyone looking into fixing the problem? By anyone, of course I mean Abz, ATL, Knome or Monkey?? Please let me know if the general consensus amongst you guys is to ignore the problem because it's just not worth the trouble anymore.


PC Related Stuff/Questions / Any good eFax options?
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:10:39 pm »

Thanks in advance.

Sports Fans / oh the championship hopes
« on: May 04, 2012, 10:48:01 pm »
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Science / Tech / eSport Clip
« on: March 19, 2012, 08:48:54 pm »

eSport Clip is an unbelievably cheap 4GB PMP with a 5MP camera

$22 -- seriously -- that's all Walmart  wants for this 4GB PMP that sports a 1.8-inch color screen and a  5-megapixel camera. If the eSport Clip's relatively paltry internal  memory doesn't get you excited, you can always add more thanks to the  empty microSD slot. That shooter can do video as well as stills, and  there is an included suite of effects. Those features alone would make  for a more expensive device, if the brand on here was something more  recognizable than Ematic. Amazingly, we're not quite done listing off  the specs just yet. The supremely cheap player also has an FM radio on  board and an eBook reader, though, we're not sure who would want to  consume any text on a sub two-inch screen. Check out the gallery below  for a few more pics.

Crysis / Nanosuits
« on: March 13, 2012, 09:52:58 pm »
In the image, 1st and 3rd are Nanosuit2, 2nd and 4th are Nanosuit1

This has been bugging me for a while, even though I don't play the game anymore and most people never did, does anyone think that they ruined it by redesigning the suit for Crysis2?

IMO Crysis2 messed up every aspect of the game, including gametypes and graphics. :furious:


Ubuntu's full desktop OS coming to multi-core Android devices

What the Atrix 4G first promised, it looks like the folks at Canonical may deliver. Think back to CES 2011, when Motorola showed us a future where our phone was the only computing device we would need -- only to leave us wanting when its webtop app didn't deliver the requisite functionality for such a future. Well, it turns out Ubuntu now runs on multi-core Android devices and your handset can grant a full desktop experience when docked with a display and a keyboard. It's a customized version of Ubuntu that plays nice with Android, the two OS's sharing data and services while running simultaneously. So, you can still access telephony and texts from the Ubuntu environment while enjoying all the computing capabilities it has to offer, including: Ubuntu TV, virtualization tools for running Windows applications, desktop web browsers, and Ubuntu apps built for ARM. It isn't clear exactly what hardware you'll need to run Ubuntu on a handset, but Canonical has said it works on multi-core devices with HDMI and USB connections. We'll get more info next week when it's shown off at MWC, but until then you'll have to settle for the source below and PR after the break.

TV Shows & Movies / Dark Knight Rises
« on: December 18, 2011, 11:41:26 pm »

Sorry about the shitty quality, they haven't posted an official one yet so this is just a recorded copy.

I like the new cast, its basically made up from inception except Di Caprio and Bale..Heath Ledger will be missed of course.

TV Shows & Movies / The Dictator
« on: December 18, 2011, 11:33:09 pm »

Science / Tech / HP Touchpad
« on: November 06, 2011, 12:28:51 pm »
I got an HP Touchpad 32GB for my parents for $149, and already I'm falling in love with it..but not quite in its original out of the box form.

I just found out that I can triple boot WebOS (crap that it came with), Andriod and Ubuntu, now that's something Abz would appreciate lol.

Other Games / BF3 Dedicated Servers
« on: October 23, 2011, 01:42:39 pm »

Is anyone interested in renting a BF3 dedicated server? I was thinking about getting a 24 player server if someone or a group of people are willing to meet me half way. They cost 31.50/mo. This isn't necessarily going to be a clan server, anyone is welcome to contribute and the people who do will have discretion as to who gets admin.

Obviously if you any of you were already thinking about purchasing a bigger server, I'm willing to contribute towards.

Btw if I do this, I'd like to get at least two months of service.

Other Games / EA - Origin - Usernames
« on: October 03, 2011, 02:10:43 pm »
Post your EA Origin ID's here to play Battlefield 3 Beta on PC and add friends.

Battlefield 3 - TV Commercial (Live Action & Gameplay - Official)

I will update the list from replies, if you have admin then just add yourself to it.

Flash: flash9153
Sly: Sly04NL
Treadus: Treadus0528
Caboose: Videoh1
Hambone: HamboneTwentyTwo
Phatkid: PhatKid88
Swampgod: IVSwamp
Ajax: twofivesix
Ghostly: ThePinkFog
PK: ArchVile7
Knome: bcknome
DoMiNo: domino291

Dark Raver:voexie
Abzstrak: Abzstrak

Xbox Live functionality confirmed for Windows 8

Microsoft today re-confirmed that it will be bringing Xbox Live functionality to PCs -- a move that will come courtesy of the newly showcased Windows 8. The integration -- titled, simply enough, Xbox Live on Windows -- will bring the service's gaming, music, movie and TV content to Win 8 devices. The software giant promises to shed more light on the move later in the week, with a Build 2011 session for app developers interested in harnessing the service's features.

At least now I won't have to buy games for both PC and 360, that's $60 in my pocket for every game!  :biggrin:

13-Year-Old Makes Solar Breakthrough Based on the Fibonacci Sequence!

When Aidan noticed the tree branches seemed to have a spiral pattern, he wondered if it was related to how trees collect sunlight. After reading and researching, Aidan found a mathematical similarity in the Fibinacci pattern. This is where two numbers in a series are aded together and the sum becomes the next number in the sequence such as 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, and so on. This sequence has already been noted in other parts of nature such as nautilus shells, sunflower seeds, and falcon flight patterns.

Aidan measured the angles at which branches spread out from trees using a home-made tool made of a plastic tube and two protractors. He then built a test model of an oak tree’s Fibinacci pattern using tiny solar panels instead of leaves. He set it outside next to flat solar panel and collected data for three months — and the results were incredible.
The solar tree made 20% more electricity and collected 2 and a half more hours of sunlight than the flat panel. Even more exciting, when tested in December, the darkest, shortest days of the year, the tree panel performed even better, producing 50% more electricity than the flat panel and collecting 50% more sunlight.

Aidan’s findings are best put in the worlds of the 13 year old himself: “The tree design takes up less room than flat-panel arrays and works in spots that don’t have a full southern view. It collects more sunlight in winter. Shade and bad weather like snow don’t hurt it because the panels are not flat. It even looks nicer because it looks like a tree. A design like this may work better in urban areas where space and direct sunlight can be hard to find.”


BioBolt brain implant could help the paralyzed walk again
By Terrence O'Brien  posted Jun 24th 2011 7:55PM

Controlling a cursor with your brain? Yawn. Restoring movement to paralyzed mice? Color us unimpressed. Help a wheelchair-bound man walk again using only his thoughts? Now we're talking. That's the goal of researchers at the University of Michigan who have developed BioBolt, a (comparatively) noninvasive implant that rests on top of the cortex rather than penetrate it. The device is inserted through an easily-covered, dime-sized hole in the skull and feeds patterns from firing neurons to a computer using your epidermis (which is showing, by the way) as a conductor. The ultimate goal of helping the paralyzed walk again is still years away but, in the meantime, it could be used to suppress seizures or diagnose diseases like Parkinson's. Everyday this mind over matter thing sounds a little less like a load of bullpuckey.

Don't bring your computer viruses to Japan, because they're illegal now

Tired of getting swamped with spam and malware? Just pack your things and catch the next flight to Japan, where computer viruses are now considered illegal. Under the country's new legislation, anyone convicted of creating or distributing viruses could face up to three years in prison, or a maximum fine of ¥500,000 (about $6,200). It's all part of Japan's efforts to comply with the Convention on Cybercrime -- an international treaty that requires member governments to criminalize hacking, child pornography, and other terrible things. Privacy advocates, however, have already raised concerns over some stipulations that would allow investigators to seize data from PCs hooked up to allegedly criminal networks, and to retain any suspicious e-mail logs for up to 60 days. In an attempt to quell these fears, the Judicial Affairs Committee tacked a resolution on to the bill calling for police to exercise these powers only when they really, really need to.

TV Shows & Movies / WARRIOR
« on: June 13, 2011, 12:51:14 am »

Its just remote desktop over WIFI, nothing outstanding or too fancy, but its fast, simple and only $2.50. I haven't found anything decent to remote desktop with for free, so this is the closest thing to it. What some of the other ones lacked was sound, this one does it all without any lag.

PC Related Stuff/Questions / Apple: iOS 5
« on: June 06, 2011, 02:08:31 pm »

Scott Forstall has just taken the WWDC 2011 stage and details about the changes and improvements in iOS 5 are flowing thick and fast. Keep one tab in your browser locked to this post as we update it with all the new features, and throw another one open for our liveblog where you'll get to see and read the very latest as it happens.

We've now put together the full list of highlights from the WWDC presentation, which you'll find after the break. iOS 5 will be made available this fall, with compatibility promised for the iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation.

    Firstly, stats. Scott notes that Apple has so far sold 200 million iOS devices, with more than 25 million of those being iPads. There have been 14 billion downloads from the App Store, tallying over $2.5 billion paid out in revenue to app developers. The iTunes Store isn't doing badly, either, with 15 billion songs sold.
    And the first new feature: an overhaul of notifications. At last! A new Notification Center aggregates all your, well, notifications into one and is accessible by swiping down a menu from the top of the screen. Yes, just like Android. Small X buttons alongside each note allow you to dismiss it, though there's no "clear all" option for the more decisive among us. Notifications are also making their way onto the lockscreen, where swiping across a text message takes you right into it. A little something like Samsung's TouchWiz implementation.
    Newsstand is a new place to house all your magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
    Twitter integration is also coming to iOS 5, with a single sign-in allowing a multitude of apps to make use of your Twitter credentials. That includes the Camera and Photos programs, finally letting you tweet images out directly from your galleries.
    Safari Reader is a new browser feature that will strip out distractions and present the text of a webpage with no other excess content. Accessible via a button next to the address bar. Also added to the iOS browser is a Reading List, which does what the name suggests by accumulating a list of pages you want to read later. Accessible on multiple devices. Tabbed browsing is making a debut in v5.0 as well, which is sure to be a boon for iPad users.
    Reminders is another self-descriptive feature. This one's intelligent enough to remind you to do things based on your location. It'll sync across devices and with your calendar.
    Yay, there's now a camera button right on your lockscreen! The volume-up button is also doubling up as a physical shutter release key when you're in the camera app. Pinch-to-zoom is said to be available right in the app, while holding your finger down on a particular area will lock down exposure to optimize the shot for its particular lighting. Some new in-device editing options have also been added, including cropping, rotation, red-eye reduction, and a one-click enhance option.
    A new split keyboard has also been shown off in iOS 5.
    Headline feature: PC Free! No more cables required for syncing. Now we're talking. Setting up and activating a new iOS device can be done right on the device itself, and syncing will be wireless too -- there'll be no need to tether to a computer anymore. Over-the-air updates are also part of the new deal, and in better news still, they'll contain only the data that's changed, meaning you won't have to re-download the entire OS every time Apple opts to make a minor tweak.
    Another pretty significant novelty: iMessage. It's a messaging service exclusively for iOS users (irrespective of which device they're rocking), which comes with delivery and read receipts, an indicator for when the other party is typing, and the ability to push messages to all your devices. Kinda, sorta like BBM. You'll be able to send messages, photos, videos, and contacts. Group messaging will also be available. It works over either WiFi or 3G and looks to be making good use of Apple's new push notifications.
    Perhaps the biggest innovation of all in iOS 5, however, will be the way iCloud affects the use of your mobile device. Hit up our overview post of the company's new cloud-syncing solution to learn all about it.
    iOS 5 will ship in the fall to the following devices: iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, iPad 1 and 2, and iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation.

PC Related Stuff/Questions / Windows 8
« on: June 06, 2011, 12:17:54 am »

Birthdays / Another 21st! [random dude]
« on: June 05, 2011, 11:03:57 pm »
Happy Birthday Some Random Dude!


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