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ßÇ Clan FAQ’s
« on: September 27, 2007, 11:55:09 am »
ßÇ Clan FAQ’s

•   How old do I have to be to join?
o   We do not have a minimum age limit. We look at each person’s personality, sense of humor and game playing skills on an individual basis.

•   Do I have to attend meetings / practices?
o   No, we understand that everyone has a life outside of the Clan. The minutes from the meetings are posted for everyone to review.  Practices are a little different.  If you don’t ‘ever’ attend practices don’t expect to be selected for scrims or matches against others Clans as you will not be familiar with any team ‘plays’ or special skills that have been practiced in anticipation of playing that particular Clan.

•   What if people are mean to me, can I violently lash out at them?
o   If your fellow Clan members are behaving in what you believe is an inappropriate manner, you should bring up your concern to either your XO or CO. If they aren't available you can discuss it with any member of Management. Most situations like this are a simple misunderstanding that can be easily worked out.

•   How hard is the tryout?
o   The tryout is not meant to be hard. It isn’t a 1 vs. 1 to try to get you to beat the best players in our Clan. We are trying to look at many things about you. We look at your basic skills in many areas of the game, how well you follow directions, and perhaps most important to us; how is your attitude.

•   What if I fail my tryout?
o   One of two things can happen; depending on how you do we will either thank you for your interest in the Clan and for your taking your time to tryout, but you will be regretfully informed that we cannot offer you membership at that time. Or, we may explain that you were very close to passing, that we really like your attitude and would like to offer you the opportunity to spend some time with one of our trainers for practice and then we will schedule another tryout when you both think that you are ready.

•   Are there monthly dues?
o   No, but we are always in need of donations to help with the cost of keeping our game servers running.

•   Do I have to use TeamSpeak?
o   Yes, using TeamSpeak is a requirement for Membership in ßÇ.

•   Do you accept girls?
o   Yes. We don’t discriminate based on age, gender, race or nationality; only online game playing skills & basic personality issues.

•   How long does it take to get a tryout?
o   Not everyone gets a tryout. New members are voted in by Clan vote, so it is very important to get to know as many Clan members as you can whenever you are playing. Introduce yourself and get to know us on Teamspeak so when we go to vote, we will remember you.  Also do some posting in the forums so members can see your name and get to know a little about you. We are looking for people that want to join us in game and talk. Posting and replying in the forums shows us that you have that desire. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself!  We HIGHLY suggest reading our By-Laws to find out how we do things, of particular interest will be Article 15 which covers applications, member voting of applicants and tryouts.

•   I like to suck up to management...can I get in??
o   SEE; How long does it take to get a tryout?

•   How long does it take to get in?
o   SEE; How long does it take to get a tryout?

•   Is there anyway to speed up the application process.
o   SEE; How long does it take to get a tryout?

•   Can I just put on the ßÇ tags now?
o   No, the use of our ßÇ» tags on our servers while you are not in the clan is not allowed.

•   I got kicked out of another clan, can I get in ßÇ?
o   We will not exclude someone from consideration just because they were kicked out of, or quit another clan. As long as you are honest on your application we will look at each applicant on a case by case basis. We all know things like that happen. However, lying or omitting information like this on your application could cause us to think that you lack a key skill needed in our clan; trust.

•   I quit another clan, can I get in ßÇ?
o   See the answer to the question above.

•   I was banned from your servers a while back, can I get in?
o   Yes, banning someone is meant to get their attention. We seldom, if ever will do a permanent ban. We are hoping the ban will show them that the behavior that caused the ban is unacceptable and hopefully when they come back they will not do that action again.

•   Does ßÇ have forum posting quota's to get in the clan?
o   Not at all, we much prefer that people make quality posts rather than a quantity of useless spamming one line reply posts…

•   Will ßÇ listen to my input after I'm in the clan?
o   Yes, we value all our clan members and realize our members are our greatest strength. We often will post polls and seek input from our members on a number of topics.

•   I can only play on Sundays or Saturdays, can I get in?
o   Yes, many of our members play mainly on the weekend.

•   I lost my Halo CD, can I get in?
o   To join the Halo Clan extension you must be able to run and play Halo. However you can still play in our other game extensions (if you have those cd's).

•   Can I have RCON?
o   We only give the privilege of using RCON to Members of the Rank of Sergeant or above. (Special cases can be reviewed by Management on a per Extension basis)

•   Some of my weapons skills really suck compared to some clan members.... can i still get in?
o   Each player has certain weapons skills that set them apart from others. So while you might not be as good with sniper rifle as someone else, that is ok as you might be a better banshee pilot. If you are invited to and pass a tryout, we will find out where your game skills can best help the clan.

•   What if I only play one of the games (Halo, Halo CE, CSS)?
o   That is no problem as you can play in one extension, two or in all of them.

•   What if I am in a gaming clan that plays one of the games you have an extension for?
o   That is a problem as you can’t join ßÇ if you are in a gaming clan that plays any game we have an official extension for. For example, if you are in a Starcraft clan its fine as we don’t have a Starcraft extension. If you are in a Padman clan it is not since we have an official extension for it.  If someone is a current member of a clan or guild and also a member of BC, and we then we make a extension for a game played by the other clan, then that person’s case will be reviewed by management on a individual basis.

•   Are there extra incentives for donations?
o   We will sometimes offer give-away prizes that will be given to a random donator during the month.

•   What happened with CV and ßÇ?
o   People and Clans sometimes find they need to split, start over in a new place, restructure their Clan and begin fresh or sometimes they just quit.  What happened in the past is best left there. Many lessons have been learned from cycles such as these that the founding members of ßÇ put to use when writing our By-Laws & crating the clan. In many people’s opinions those lessons & by-laws have greatly helped in the stability of the clan and added to the enjoyment and pride of our members in being ßÇ.

•   Is ßÇ participating in halo league or clan wars?
o   We will often play based on the type and sponsor of the competition and on clan interest.

•   How long do you suppose ßÇ will last?
o   As long people walk the earth, there is electricity, working computers, Al Gore’s internet and new games coming out.

•   I have no social skills whatsoever can I get in???
o   Yes! Many of our members have absolutely no social skills!!  What we look for from our members is an ability to talk on TeamSpeak about the game play, and possibly participating in some conversations you may hear if you have the desire.

•   I have 2 siblings who want to join and we all live together, can we all get in??
o   Each of you would need to apply separately and be accepted as members separately.  Also, each of you would need to set up your own game and Teamspeak tags.  And then you could never play using someone else’s game or TeamSpeak tags.

•   I don't like following the rules. Can I get in?
o   You may be able to get in, but I can guarantee you won’t be staying……

•   Is cussing allowed on servers or on TeamSpeak?
o   No, offensive language is not allowed in our servers unless you are in our “No Rules” server (bc-a) and Teamspeak channel or in the “No Rules” TeamSpeak channel.

•   I hear you have a no rules server...which one is it?
o   ßÇ-a is our “No Rules” server

•   What is, where do I download and how do I get on TeamSpeak?
o   Refer to our documentation at http://www.thebcclan.com/files/BC-Teamspeak.pdf

•   What if I can't get Team Speak to work?
o   Refer to our documentation at http://www.thebcclan.com/files/BC-Teamspeak.pdf

•   How do I put on Push to talk?
o   Refer to our documentation at http://www.thebcclan.com/files/BC-Teamspeak.pdf

•   How do I make myself louder/quieter?
o   Refer to our documentation at http://www.thebcclan.com/files/BC-Teamspeak.pdf

•   Who should I go to if someone in server in causing problems?
o   If there’s a clan member in the server get their attention and let them know about it. If there is no clan member playing and you are on TeamSpeak, find a clan member with (R SA) after their name and explain the problem to them.   

•   What should I do if my computer has issues?
o   There are some fairly competent computer psychiatrists out there that could help. If your computer worked you could google them..  Also don't forget to ask on Teamspeak in our "PC Modding / Building / ?'s" channel.

•   How do you rise in rank?
o  Promotions are based on many things, for more information see <A HREF="http://thebcclan.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=41&Itemid=83#ARTICLE11" target="_blank"> Article 11[/url] in the By-Laws which covers our Promotion system.

•   Is there any way I can become a better player?
o   If you are interested in bettering your game skills all you need to do is ask. Either start a post asking or go on TeamSpeak and ask if anyone would mind going to a server that wasn’t busy for some practice. Once people get to know you and that you are serious about getting better and joining you will have lots of people offering advice.

•   What is the password to the locked servers?
o   Our server passwords are never to be released to or used by non-clan members. We would greatly appreciate your notifying us if you ever are told or become aware that someone other than a clan member is using our clan passwords.

•   Can I play in scrims and locked games?
o   Yes, if you have been invited.

•   How do I get less lag?
o   That would be an excellent question to post in the PC question area of our forum.

•   What should I do if I see someone hacking?
o   If there’s a clan member in the server get their attention and let them know about it. If there is no clan member playing and you are on TeamSpeak, find a clan member with (R SA) after their name and explain the problem to them.

•   Can I switch teams to be with other people?
o   Switching teams is allowed as long as after you switch the teams are even or will be made even by the next player joining.

•   What should I do if I see a possible fake ßÇ tag?
o   If there’s a clan member in the server get their attention and let them know about it. If there is no clan member playing and you are on TeamSpeak, find a clan member with (R SA) after their name and explain the problem to them.

•   Why can’t someone make room for me?
o   We will only kick people from our servers to make room for clan members to join.

•   What happens if I get the questions wrong on my application?
o   There really isn’t any right or wrong answer to these questions (other than a secret question which I can’t mention (jk)). Once again we are just trying to get a feel for your personality, to see what you see humor in and what you see in a question compared to others.
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