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Author Topic: Ginger apple porkchops  (Read 1116 times)

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Ginger apple porkchops
« on: January 19, 2011, 05:49:59 am »
I recently remembered that a few weeks ago, I made my gf some kickass pork chops and forgot to share!

I marinated the chops in a bath of apple juice with chunks of apple, ginger paste (could not find fresh), garlic, cilantro, and a few other spices I can't remember, for about an hour (next time I will do it overnight). I strained the marinade to remove the apple chunks, and saved them along with the liquid to use later.

After marinating, I seared the chops and apple bits together in a pan with some of the left over marinade, and they turned out AWESOME.  The apples ended up acting as sort of a sweet salsa for the chops, and the marinade got nice and thick and kept the pork really juicy. We ate them with some macaroni and cheese, and green beans as sides.

If I make them again, I will follow what I do more closely so I can share in more detail. :P  YUM!